[quanta-devel] Cervisia again, plus greater problems

Ben Burton bab at debian.org
Fri Mar 18 14:04:31 GMT 2005


Many thanks for looking after this.

> "Now to the real topic: if the licensing of the Cervisia part is a
> problem for applications embedding or using it, it is fine for me
> to change the license to GPL.

FWIW, the other authors have said they are happy with a dual license
(choice of QPL or GPL).  I assume this is consistent with what Bernd
suggests (change his code to GPL), since in that case his code will have
been released under both licenses.

I'm not sure what KDE policy is on what is required for a license change
(i.e., what level of verification is required from the actual author).
Thiago Macieira has requested that the authors make the relevant commits
themselves (http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=110942626903439&w=2),
though if Bernd no longer uses his CVS account then this might be
problematic -- are there acceptable alternatives?

I will try to contact Florent Pillet.

Thanks again Andras for your help with this,


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