Cervisia again, plus greater problems

Ben Burton bab at debian.org
Thu Mar 17 10:16:35 GMT 2005

> > I remember that 2-3 years ago I asked on the kde-core-devel or
> > kde-devel if it will be possible to use a non-GPL compatible editor which
> > implements the KTextEditor interface in Quanta (or KDevelop for that
> > matter), and I think nobody said I cannot, but (Waldo?) replayed that this
> > should be allowed.
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=104625760413299&w=2

Hmm, so from that reply:

> As long as you don't specifically require this particular non-GPL
> compatible KPart: yes.

I claim it's not obvious that the use of cervisia is okay then.  On one
hand, quanta only uses the KPart functions and does not recast as an
explicit cervisia part, so quanta is using the generic kpart interface.
On the other hand, quanta is in fact requiring this specific non-GPL
part, since the plugin that ships with quanta is explicitly configured
to open libcervisiapart.so.


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