Cervisia again, plus greater problems

Ben Burton bab at debian.org
Thu Mar 17 00:08:14 GMT 2005

Hi Andras -- thanks very much for your response.

Just a technical clarification:

> I don't think that using a GPL incompatible KPart in a GPL application 
> is a problem. It may be at the corner case, but this is more like 
> writing a GPL frontend to a non-GPL application.

I believe the problem is that the KPart is essentially dlopened, which
means it is considered an extension of the larger program (in this case,


> Using the Cervisia DCOP services which requires inclusion and link 
> against it might be  real problem though,

If I understand DCOP correctly, this is not a problem since the
cvsservice and quanta run as separate programs, merely communicating
through some form of socket-based mechanism.  At any rate, it wouldn't
be a problem anyway since the cvsservice (both the server and the client
library) are LGPLed (unlike the cervisia kpart).


(Fixing the kdevelop-devel address also, which was incorrect in my
initial post.)

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