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Wed Mar 16 17:54:39 GMT 2005

Frans Englich wrote:
>What makes me find it interesting to have it in kdecore /pre/ KDE 4,
> even though its only concrete usage is in kdenonbeta, is I think it can
> be nice to offer URN functionality for 3rd parties during the years KDE
> 3 will still be active. In other words, it's good to have it in place,
> and set the standard before more scenarios pop up and it turns out to
> be useful, people start copying it locally, ad-hoc approaches etc. I
> think it's nice that KDE can offer advanced functionality to its API
> users.

I disagree here.

KDE3's lifetime is no more than one year from now. And, even though there 
will still be people using it for years (think Debian...), we will not be 
actively maintaining its API.

So, I wouldn't recommend adding a new class now for a hypothetical use, 
given the fact that the class will probably undergo an enormous 
transformation for KDE4.

>But isn't that bloat, to add unused functionality? URN is not some new
> hyped thing, the KURN implements two RFCs. It's usage or design will
> not change.

URNs won't change, but your new class will certainly do so, for KDE4.

>For the oasis stuff I'm fine with whatever of couse, but that is my
> reasoning for aiming at kdecore. I'll drop it in kdenonbeta though,
> considering David's and Thiago's votes.

If necessary, the class can be moved to kdelibs later on. So, I'd 
recommend you commit to kdenonbeta now.

So, for now, I'd recommend you don't commit it to kdelibs. It seems we are 
aiming at a mostly-feature-frozen kdelibs 3.5 (excepted areas like 

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