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Wed Mar 16 14:10:56 GMT 2005

Dawit A. wrote:
>> OK, but not necessarily with KURN in kdelibs, right?
>> I mean, KURL (i.e. URLs+URIs) is a core piece of KDE since everything
>> that can be downloaded or uploaded or listed is a KURL.
>> But KURNs seem related to XML parsing and processing, and the class
>> doesn't seem to be useful by itself. So it should IMHO not be in
>> kdecore, but together with whichever class or library needs it.
>Actually URI is superset of both URLs and URNs, i.e. it encompasses both
> of them. If your parser is properly written on the basis of the URI
> spec. (RFC 2396), then it should be able to handle both URLs and URNs.
> This was the original intention of the KURL parser before it got
> changed to be too specific and everything including the kitchen sink
> got added to it. But then again correctness here is meaningless since
> as you said KURL is a centeral piece of software that affects way too
> many application in KDE...

I agree with David that we shouldn't enlarge kdelibs by now. Besides, I 
think the rule about being used by more than one module still applies. So 
maybe KURN should stay in kdenonbeta/kdom for now, have its bugs fixed.

However, I also agree with Dawit that KURL should parse URNs as well, 
since, in fact, KURL is an URI parser. Hence what I said about KURL being 
sanitised and renamed for KDE 4 -- not before, because it's too central a 
piece of code.

I still don't have a suggestion on how we should organise the classes -- 
if we have more than one class at all. We can discuss that when the time 
comes, though.

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