case-insensitive header issue in kdelibs/kabc

Benjamin Reed ranger at
Mon Mar 7 14:48:49 GMT 2005

In kabc/, INCLUDES has:

-I$(srcdir)/vcardparser/ -I$(srcdir)/vcard/include

kabc/vcardformatimpl.h includes "VCard.h".  However, there is also a
"vcard.h" in kabc/vcardparser/ so it is getting included first on Mac OS X.

The fix is to change the order of includes so $(srcdir)/vcard/include is
before $(srcdir)/vcardparser/ but I have no idea if this will mean there
are other issues down the road.  It doesn't look like
kabc/vcard/include/VCard.h is installed on make install, though, so I
suppose it's safe...

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