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Sebastien Renard Sebastien.Renard at
Sat Mar 5 20:08:09 GMT 2005

Le Samedi 5 Mars 2005 20:21, Uwe Thiem a écrit :
> Hi folks,


> For each user, KDE (and arts) create "kde-<username>",
> "ksocket-<username>", "mcop-<username>" under /tmp. Delete that user and
> re-create a user by the same name some time down the line with another UID.
> TADA! KDE doesn't work for that new user.

Same goes for kde-cache under /var/tmp.

A quite simple solution could be to append the uid after the username to avoid 
any clash.

It will just leave some garbage on the disk. But, of course, if another user 
is created with the same uid, he will be able to read those files. But this 
is definitely not KDE fault !

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