make apidox slow as hell and missing apidocs

mETz mETz81 at
Fri Mar 4 12:04:30 GMT 2005


yesterday I tried "make apidox" in kdelibs and gave up after 3 hours. I don't 
know why but creating new apidocs seems to take ages now (maybe unsermake 
Today I wanted to download an updated docs-tarball from but 
found out that its copy is as incomplete as what I created locally, there are 
undocumented classes! At least the following pieces are undocumented even 
though there are doc-comments in their headers:

kio: KTrader class
kwallet: everything!

I'd be thankful if somebody with more insight about doxygen could enlighten me 
why apidocs-creation is so slow now and why some of the precious comments 
don't show up in the generated docs.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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