Josef Spillner spillner at kde.org
Thu Mar 3 21:51:56 GMT 2005

Am Donnerstag, 3. März 2005 22:00 schrieb Andras Mantia:
> Don't fail when trying to upload two resources one after the other. The
> meta data file name was not re-generated. There is still a problem that the
> error dialog appears and quickly disappears, but I don't know the reason of
> it.

What did you try to do - uploading two files which should belong together or 
one upload and later another one?
In the first case, archives should be used and in the second, it should work 
without problems. Is this a specific upload case in Quanta? Because I didn't 
see such problems yet.

I don't think the library supports such parallelisms, for instance there's a 
race condition if the provider file is requested twice at once.
Also, if the file is not yet processed on the server, an upload of the same 
meta file will always fail (this is about one minute). Actually each 
following upload of the same file should be rejected because it is in the 
database already, at least the revision number should be increased by the 


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