Crash in kdelibs

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Thu Mar 3 17:39:21 GMT 2005

On Thursday 03 March 2005 14:38, Michael Brade wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry for not answering earlier, I didn't have time to read the
> masses of mail on kde-core-devel exactly because of this bug - it was
> probably one of the hardest KDirLister bugs up to now and I want to
> get it fixed for KDE 3.4. Only the code is missing, I'm currently
> writing it.

Great to hear it!

> And please use a more descriptive Subject, like putting the word
> KDirLister(Cache) in it, then I would have seen the mail earlier.

Ok. :-)


You analysis is really interesting and I cannot add much more but that 
for me it happened with files and directories on the local disc. I 
don't know if this matters or not.

> I'll fix all those issues by adapting
> KDirListerCache::slotRedirection().
> BTW, can you give me the number of the bugreport and how to reproduce
> your version of the bug?

That's hard as I could only reproduce once altough I tried many times. 
Bugs that can be cause by this problem are: 
95837, 99445 (with detailed description, I did something like this now, 
altough when the bug was reported I couldn't reproduce). , 94511.

The bugs are closed because:
- I couldn't reproduce
- I though it's caused by another bug in kdelibs/KFileTreeBranch. See my 
mail on kde-core-devel, 2004-11-21 with the subject "Nasty bug in 

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