[PATCH] KPDF don't start kttsd each time

Albert Astals Cid astals11 at terra.es
Wed Mar 2 23:10:14 GMT 2005

Hi Gary Cramblitt (kttsd author) sent me this patch to kpdf to improve the 
current usage we make of kttsd. Currently we start kttsd each time if it has 
not been started yet to see if we can use it, that has some problems.

 - No need to start it to know if we can use it, just ask ktrader, so we save 
a few user's resources if the user does not want to use kttsd.
 - Second and maybe ┬┐more important?, people using Klax get that behaviour:
    - Start kpdf
    - kpdf starts kttsd
    - kttsd realizes it has not been configured and asks to be configured but 
it can't be configured as there is no spped synthesizer available
    - That cycle repeats each time kpdf is launched

That can potentially mean bad reviews from [bad] reviewers so as the patch is 
quite clear i would like to ask permission to backport to the 3.4 branch

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