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Tue Mar 1 21:36:51 GMT 2005

Ok to backport this?  i18n-doc says so even though it introduces a new string 
and gui element.

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Subject: kdebase/knetattach
Date: Sunday 27 February 2005 18:15
From: George Staikos <staikos at>
To: kde-cvs at
Cc: 99868-done at, lauri at, kde-i18n-doc at

CVS commit by staikos:

add support for specifying the username.  It's not required, but this isn't
 so clear.  Anyone have a better idea?  The password is left up to KWallet

Any chance I could backport this 1 new string?  It's a rather major bug.

BUG: 99868
CCMAIL: kde-i18n-doc at

  M +0 -1      TODO   1.4
  M +38 -7     knetattach.ui   1.16
  M +15 -7     knetattach.ui.h   1.12


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