[RFC] One ioslave to rule them all...

Datschge at gmx.de Datschge at gmx.de
Mon Jun 27 02:15:09 BST 2005

Don't you think home:/ should be pointing to the user's home folder?
Following the current description of it it would not show the user's home
folder but instead the system's /home/* directory showing all home
directories by all users existing on that system. That would be plenty
irritating for users I bet.

Then if home:/ instead points to the user's home folder it's pretty
redundant since file:/~ gets you the same effect. Instead introducing a new
kio slave for users other than root (who are not likely to access files
beyond their home folder) file:/ could be tweaked to *not* expand /~ to the
full system path. And in that case the path including /~ can still be read
by non-KDE applications as well afaik (at least I'm lucky enough to not know
of any *nix program incapable of expanding /~).

Other than the above: good stuff. =)

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