[RFC] Translation of KDE's palette names

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Thu Jun 23 20:29:29 BST 2005

KDE has three colour palettes: 40.colors, Web.colors and Royal.colors. All 
three are shown untranslated in the colour dialog box.

The problem is that currently it is difficult to extract the names 
automatically because 40.colors is renamed to "40 Colors.colors" on install.

So it would be best to change this behaviour.

One choice would be to always display "Colors" in the dialog box (therefore 
"40 Colors", "Web Colors" and "Royal Colors") without having the need to 
rename any file on install.

If this is not wanted, then "40.colors" could perhaps be renamed 
"Forty.colors" (and not renamed on install).

(Probably there are other possible solutions.)

By the way, why are those files installed from kdelibs/Makefile,am,in instead 
of using a _DATA in the Makefile.am like normally.

Have a nice day!

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