What is a KDE app (was Re: Image viewer for KDE4 (Re: KView for KDE4?))

Michael Buesch mbuesch at freenet.de
Thu Jun 23 09:07:15 BST 2005

Quoting "Aaron J. Seigo" <aseigo at kde.org>:
> one option would be to do a KEG "release" every N months and just include the 
> last stable release of every app in it. this would be more PR and awareness 
> building than actual software release management, since the indivudal 
> packages would have already been released separately, but this way one could 
> probably get more attention for KEG (a release of 20 apps in a package is 
> probably more newsworthy than a release of 20 apps separately over the course 
> of a year).
> really, it would be more of a "software compilation". that free software for 
> windows CD has done pretty much exactly this and has been able to get a lot 
> more attention for the whole set of software than man of the individual 
> packages could ever have hoped to.

As far as I understood, that was Helio's (the extragear maintainer) plan.

Greetings, Michael

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