kmix -> kdebase

Andre Magalhaes andrunko at
Tue Jun 21 15:54:54 BST 2005

First, an applet can be put in any place in the kicker that the user
wants (the user can do this with the systray too, but he doesn't want
all systray icons moved, just the kmix applet). The user may use two
kicker panels, one with the systray applet and another one with the
kmix applet. One more thing, the user may want to use the kmix applet
and not to use the systray applet (i for ex. don't use systray).


On 6/21/05, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 June 2005 07:20, Andre Magalhaes wrote:
> > Yeah, but i was thinking in a applet with the same systray icon
> > functionalities (i don't know if that is the right word). Click it and
> > launch a volume control, ...
> and how would this be any better than the systray icon, other than taking up
> even more space?
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