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In KMail we have a pretty silly workflow in asking for a password due to a limitation of the KIO::PasswordDialog.
On creation of an account the user gets to check a checkbox saying he wants to store his passwd. In a wallet, for example.
Then the first time he types a password its in the PasswordDialog and if he checked the 'keep' checkbox he will see a checkbox in the PasswordDialog to 'keep password'.
Normally this checkbox is unchecked, so when the user doesn't enabled it then and there, the following takes place.

The password is not stored and the next time a sync is done the password is asked again.  Only this time the 'keep' checkbox is not showing, so the only way the user can recover from this (and make the pwd persistent) is to enable the kmail config and the keep pwd checkbox _and_ type a correct password.

Needless to say that I'm less then charmed by this.

The best solution would be to have the checkbox in the PasswordDialog to keep the pwd enabled when entering the dialog.
We have 2 ways of doing that;
1) enable it as soon as its visible so the user has to disable it manually.
2) add a boolean to the constructor and the static method to specify if the checkbox should be enabled on load.


ps. I added an num PasswordKeepPolicy { KeepPass, ShowPassWeekCheckbox, NoKeep };
but since a result is returned with the keep boolean in the static method, curently; that seems like a bad solution.
Thomas Zander
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