[patch] bug in xmlgui wrt double separators

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Sat Jun 18 10:54:19 BST 2005

The KXMLGUIClient can read several *.rc files and merge them into one UI.
It also has code to detect and remove double separators, or separators at 
the bigginning of a (sub)menu. This is needed when certain actions are 
not found and it also does things like not showing empty menus.

Unfortunately the removal of separators in kind of misplaced; its in the 
mergeXML method. This has the effect that when we don't merge, the 
filtering is not done.
We found such a place in the kmail part when it was used in kontact, in 
which case the 'new window' action is not created.

I solved this by calling mergeXML anyway for the non-merge case which 
indeed solves the problem.

cc-ing Simon as he might want to refactor this to be better :)

I'd like this to go in since we then can get rid of 1 rc file in kmail 
which is 99% the same as an already existing one.
Comments?  Ok to commit?

please cc replies as I am not subscribed to k-c-d
Thomas Zander
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