Error compiling kdeartwork SVN TRUNK: You cannot use Qt 4 .ui-files with Qt/KDE 3!

Chris Howells howells at
Fri Jun 17 22:21:43 BST 2005

On Friday 17 June 2005 20:36, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> I think the conditional compilation of the GL screensavers causes troubles
> here. After a default configure I get the rather surprising:
>     martijn at martijn:~/src/kde-head/kdeartwork/kscreensaver > bdcompile
>     Running /usr/local/bin/unsermake compile...
>     kscreensaver/kdesavers/ no rule to create target:
> ../kscreensaver/kdesavers/firesaversetup.moc(../kscreensaver/kdesavers/fire

I don't recall seeing that error actually. oh well :)

> I'm afraid you need someone who knows the stuff about conditional
> compilation though, it seems to be unrelated to the designer version
> detection. Coolo?

Yes, I would agree with this actually though I couldn't prove it earlier so I 
didn't say anything. Looks like you've just done so though. Presumably still 
an unsermake bug in not being able to resolve the dependency though.

The is actually fairly nonsense, whoever comitted that needs a 
slap :)

$(ARTS_DESKTOP_FILES) shouldn't be in GL_SAVERS.

It would be nice if you could do something like:

ARTS_GL_KSAVERS = kfiresaver.kss
ARTS_GL_DESKTOP_FILES = KFiresaver.desktop

but this doesn't work sadly.

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