cygwin-patches for kde 3.4.1

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Fri Jun 17 14:55:00 BST 2005

David Faure wrote:
>On Friday 17 June 2005 15:01, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> On the other hand, suppose you linked to KIO, but used something from
>> a library libkio uses directly or indirectly (let's call it
>> third-party libxml). If KIO ever stops using that library, for
>> whatever reason, you program will fail to link. Not only that, it will
>> also fail to run if you upgrade libkio, without touching the program.
>> Hence the need to specify all dependencies.
>Sure, for third-party libs used by the app I totally agree.

I'm worried that the scenarios I described might apply to KDE libraries. 
Example (hypothetical): KIO uses kdnssd today, for whatever internal 
reason, but tomorrow we split kdnssd into two libraries. Applications 
break because they used the part of kdnssd that KIO no longer links to.

>Yes I was only talking about kdelibs. We know that kio needs kdecore,
>and we know that this isn't going to change tomorrow.

If that's for kdelibs only, then all non-kdelibs's must be 
changed. I don't think I followed you correctly, though.

>> The linker should solve this here.
>It does on linux, but I thought the conclusion was that it can't do so
> on cygwin?

Well, the problem is that Cygwin uses static wrapper libraries (.a) on 
Cygwin to represent the DLLs. Static libraries don't carry dependency 
information, hence the need to specify all dependencies on the 
command-line. That's actually what libtool's .la were invented for.

But, no, GNU ld must be fixed on the COFF PE (Win32) arch so that it will 
correctly find the dependencies. It should read the .dll themselves, not 
a (possibly outdated) .a wrapper.

That said, I don't care what happens to Win32.

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