cygwin-patches for kde 3.4.1

David Faure faure at
Thu Jun 16 20:48:08 BST 2005

On Thursday 16 June 2005 21:30, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> +#ifndef __CYGWIN__
>           else if ((flags & IFF_POINTOPOINT) == IFF_POINTOPOINT)
>              tmp->type=i18n("Point to Point");
> +#endif

Could be a configure check instead...

> -kickermenu_kdeprint_la_LIBADD = $(LIB_KDEUI) $(LIB_KIO) -lkdeprint
> +kickermenu_kdeprint_la_LIBADD = $(LIB_KDEUI) $(LIB_KIO) -lkdeprint $(LIB_KDECORE)
(and many similar lib additions).
Why? LIB_KDEUI is supposed to include LIB_KDECORE indirectly, i.e. LIB_KDECORE isn't
supposed to be needed in that line.
If it needs to be included explicitely on your system, why not change the definition of LIB_KDEUI
to include LIB_KDECORE? Otherwise you'll have to fix each and every in KDE,
which is a waste of time ;)

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