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Wed Jun 15 19:40:43 BST 2005


On Wednesday 15 June 2005 03:40, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> The fact is that pkg-config tests are the norm now on Linux (and other
> systems too, I guess) and we have tests for them. Better to standardise
> and make them fast than to leave the mess they are.

Of course they could be parsed also with cmake. But this would work around the 
"native" cmake configure system.
Is there somewhere documentation for the format of the pc-files ? Google 
didn't show me any :-/ I looked at some pc-files and they looked quite 
similar, but real docs would be better.

> >What I forgot to mention:
> >-in kdevelop/cmake you can find am2cmake, a script which converts
> >'s to cmake's CMakeLists.txt (the LD_ADD and LIB_ADD vars are
> >still ignored, most other things work)
> But can it parse I'm interested in knowing if we can keep the

It's just a script which does maybe 80 to 90 percent of the work of converting 
the's to CMakeLists.txt (since I don't know our current build 
system good enough I can't reach 100 percent).

> existing files, because we wouldn't have the need to write a new parser
> for KDevelop and other tools.
> Of course, if the syntax proves to be too cumbersome to be
> used, then never mind.

Actually I don't like the syntax.
It just contains assignments to "magic" variables. Without knowing you don't 
see what will happen. What will happen if I insert another strange variable ? 
Where can I find definitions of all these magic variables ?

A syntax which says "do this and that with these files" is IMO better (cmake 
features this and I think scons too).

> This is one of the reasons I currently favour scons over cmake: the need
> to learn a new language (even if a simple, macro language). I already
> know a bit of Python, so scons gets points.

For me it's the other way round: I need to learn python (a full blown general 
purpose scripting language I already tried some time ago and didn't fell in 
love with, as opposed to ruby) if I want add new rules or write a new 
configure check.

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