Build system for KDE4

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Tue Jun 14 13:38:26 BST 2005

Stefan Teleman wrote:

>see, in the world i come from, (commercial software), you can't do 
>this (well you can, then you get fired).
Oh please. I come from the same world, so does the other current main 
Rosegarden developer (250k+ LOCs, BTW), and ditching autotools in favor 
of scons+bksys was a f*cking no-brainer to just about every one 
involved. It's been obvious that the autotools suite is a huge 
time-waster almost ever since we started using it back in 2000, the only 
thing preventing us from getting rid of it was indeed the lack of a good 
replacement. scons+bksys solved that, and I certainly don't regret the 
few hours I spent getting RG to build with it.

Honestly, I can understand people arguing on which solution is best to 
replace the autotools, but if you feel you first need to establish that 
they need replacement, you're in serious need of a reality check.


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