Build system for KDE4

tnagyemail-ml at tnagyemail-ml at
Tue Jun 14 08:38:23 BST 2005

> the file describing the build must be
> machine-parseable. That rules out 
> Sconscript files directly, but it does not rule out
> scons.

The build configuration can be dumped at some point
from scons without reading the targets, and into any
kind of file format.
Most importantly, scons can read xml as input files
directly (and use other scripts at the same time)
using a fairly simple parser.

Another thing: versioned libraries
(bksys 1.4.4 will provide this too).

> I would even go so far as to say: keep the
> files!

Who wants to write a parser for .am files so that
bksys can use them as input ?

/* Thomas Nagy */


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