Build system for KDE4

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Mon Jun 13 13:07:19 BST 2005

On 6/13/05, Guillaume Laurent <glaurent at> wrote:

> > i'm not even aimimg for "it works so well, it's like butter".
> > imho, auto's popularity is not rooted in its absolute value, but in
> > its relative value (it sucks less than others).
> Or more likely, that it's based on 'make' and sh, which every unix
> platform has installed by debault.

Exactly.  Auto* plays to such a low common denominator that it's
needlessly slow and complex for what it does.  Considering what the
common denominator for all KDE installations is (Qt) it should be
reasonable to start with something that starts out at a higher level.

Writing tests in scons/etc. is considerably easier than doing it in M4
and shell.

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