Build system for KDE4

Stefan Teleman steleman at
Mon Jun 13 12:24:41 BST 2005

On Monday 13 June 2005 00:25, Chris Lee wrote:
>  How hard would it be to
> replace any/all of them with things that suck less?

> (One of the first points that I'm sure someone will make is
> "auto* is cross-platform! We need to support KDE on platforms
> that aren't Linux!" etc. Look, we realize this. However, auto*
> provides lots of problems for us on platforms we do care about,
> including MacOS X and Windows. (Ask RangerRick or js about them
> on IRC, or email them.)


yes auto* kind of sucks. can you name one build system which sucks 
less ? i'm not even aimimg for "it works so well, it's like butter". 
imho, auto's popularity is not rooted in its absolute value, but in 
its relative value (it sucks less than others).


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