SUBMISSION: New Library for kdesupport: indexlib

Michael Pyne pynm0001 at
Sat Jun 11 22:33:03 BST 2005

On Saturday 11 June 2005 03:10, Richard Dale wrote:
> > Even without --enable-final, kdebindings/smoke takes damn near forever
> > for me. Ironically it spends most (damn near an hour) of its time linking
> > (I suspect because I pass -Wl,-O1 to ld).
> I'm not an expert on all this visibility stuff. Are there any macros or
> whatnot we could add to the generated code to speed up linking? Or is it
> just the sheer size of the Smoke library that is the problem?

Actually that'd probably be a great idea.  The "best thing" to do would 
probably be somehow alter smoke to read in the various K*_EXPORT macros and 
automatically apply them to the generated source, and then that way perhaps 
we'd be able to use -fvisibility=hidden on the command line for a smaller lib 
size (and I'd assume a much quicker link time).

I'm not really an expert either though, we should probably wait until Thiago 
tells us whether we're crazy or not. ;)

 - Michael Pyne
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