Metabar for kdeaddons 3.5

Kévin Ottens ervin at
Fri Jun 10 11:10:10 BST 2005

Le Vendredi 10 Juin 2005 11:53, David Faure a écrit :
> Looks very good to me. I'll welcome its addition to trunk.

Me too!

> I wonder what's the GUI for enabling it though - another menu item like the
> current sidebar one?
> Makes me wonder if they shouldn't be merged instead; just a thought, not a
> requirement.

I'm not sure to understand you here. If I'm not mistaken, metabar is yet 
another sidebar plugin...

And as Alexander already pointed out, it could be used as an info pane. So I 
tend to believe that it should be separated from the sidebar instead. IMO it 
should be possible to always see it when browsing, but with the sidebar you'd 
end having a tree or the info pane not both at view.

Please note that I'm aware of the sidebar multiple views mode, but this info 
pane would need the full window height to be efficient (which disqualify 
multiple views in this case).

Kévin 'ervin' Ottens,
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