Announce: new GHNS project

Josef Spillner spillner at
Tue Jun 7 21:47:36 BST 2005

Am Dienstag, 7. Juni 2005 17:30 schrieb Anne-Marie Mahfouf:
> I still have not sorted out where to put my stuff. Currently my files are
> in www/areas/edu which is not really nice as people don't like getting
> several Mb of non-www files.

This seems to come up every few months, and it's still not solved :(
There's now which certainly fills a gap, but it lacks many of 
the advanced features needed for GHNS, and it seems that it won't be getting 
them anytime soon.
Then there's but unchecked uploads to it must not be done for 
security reasons.
Then there's but it's a small server, not KDE-owned and actually 
I'd like to keep it for the development versions of everything.
I don't see a way around a dedicated host, given that one needs the SQL 
database, downloads and web access. Of course this doesn't have to be a 
physical host, any UML would be fine, but one needs a server to host the UML 
on and that's what is lacking as I understand it.
The software infrastructure is available, and for tests works 
without problems. But it is not a solution which will last for years to come.

> There's also the translation problem of the description of the stuff. Any
> news on that?

This is doable via the web interface. Which will have to be improved and then 
deployed on said server. There are 'admin' and 'translator' roles in the 
current security model, and I think this is still how it should be done.
Anyway one of the hopes I have with is that it attracts some 
developers who are interested in helping out with the server-side 
infrastructure. Imagine nobody would host a groupware server. How many 
kontact users would there be?


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