Announce: new GHNS project

Josef Spillner spillner at
Tue Jun 7 19:27:31 BST 2005


as you might have noticed, GHNS is about to be used in other desktops as well, 
and we needed a channel to specify our ideas and merge the current concepts, 
as e.g. the gnome art downloader had some nice features which ours currently 
misses, and as you might have seen from recent SVN activity there's lots of 
buzz about other concepts for uploads and downloads, namely webservices.
Anyway, since waiting for a fd.o mailinglist for > 5 weeks is a bit painful, 
we went ahead at:

(Yes, the website looks a bit... strange for a technical design site. I stole 
the design from OSWD (as I always do) and am waiting for a GHNS icon, which 
we need anyway, given that the one we use today looks like the bookmark edit 
icon, and a scalable icon would be nice to have. Also many links don't work 
as we're in the progress of adding stuff.)

Everyone who wants to submit crazy ideas is welcome. KNewStuff discussion 
should still happen here I guess but everything else, especially the server 
tools and (hopefully) the web frontend, should be discussed over there in the 
ghns-discuss list.


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