crystal icons to hicolour for external applications

Richard Smith kde at
Mon Jun 6 19:58:45 BST 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 16:56, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Should KDE applications not released with the main KDE (KOffice,
> extragear and everything outside KDE SVN) install icons to hicolour?
> This would be incase KDE changes its default icon theme from Crystal.
> Applications inside KDE would be fine because we can rename those
> along with the KDE schedule but applications outside KDE's release
> schedule would find themselves without any icons if the user installed
> a KDE version that had a new icon theme as the default one.

Could we instead install the crystal icons as crystal, and do some 
automake/unsermake magic to automatically create a symlink pointing at the 
crystal icon if the corresponding hicolor icon doesn't exist?

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