WordWrap algorithm for kate

younker_dl younker_dl at yahoo.com.cn
Sat Jun 4 15:42:34 BST 2005

Hi, All,

I think the word wrap algorithm for kate isn't good, it wraps the word
according to the space position, so if you write english articles, maybe
this is the one you want, but if you write source codes, the wrapper
function are not suitable for it. Also it works incorrect for Chinese
word wrap.

For example, the following codes are copied from kdelibs 3.4.1

  KateAttribute* attr = m_doc->highlight()->attributes(m_schema)->data();

if the window hasn't enough width to hold the line it maybe wrapped like

  KateAttribute* attr =

It wrapped at the last space position in the line.

I don't think this is a good algorithm to wrap line.

Could anyone tell me where is the code handled the wrapper function?


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