removing more stuff for KDE 4 :-)

Jakub Stachowski stachowski at
Sat Jun 4 13:35:02 BST 2005

Dnia piątek, 3 czerwca 2005 23:42, Alexander Neundorf napisał:
> On Friday 03 June 2005 22:45, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> ...
> > So you prefer having something broken and not supported over something
> > missing?
> I'd say lanbrowsing should stay for 3.5 (it's not broken, has users, and
> works). For 4.0 we'll have something better.

For 4.0 I plan to enhance current zeroconf implementation to support several 
machine and service discovery methods and incorporating bits of lan ioslave 
as one of 'backends'. 
Work is being done in branches/work/dnssd/multiengine. It still uses Qt3 and 
is still API compatible with 3.4 version but i'm going to drop that and move 
over to Qt4 as i don't see any chance of making it usable for 3.5.

> kio_nfs should definitely be gone for 4.0 (except somebody else considers
> it useful and maintains it), for 3.5 I don't have a real opinion (it might
> be broken, has more or less no users, and probably doesn't really work).
> Bye
> Alex

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