Image viewer for KDE4 (Re: KView for KDE4?)

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Fri Jun 3 09:47:14 BST 2005

On Wednesday 01 of June 2005 16:45, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Carsten Pfeiffer is/was the maintainer for Kuickshow. And I haven't seen
> him mainting his app lately.
> I'd like to see an application moved from extragear to kdegraphics that has
> a KPart for showing the image embedded in Konqueror. Gwenview and ShowImg
> are both good candidates.

 Yeah, let's have a my-app-is-the-best flamewar :). Currently, if I'm not 
mistaken, we have:

- khtmlimage, in kdelibs, very simple, only KPart
- kview, in kdegraphics, unmaintained according to this thread, both app and 
KPart, no thumbnails
- kuickshow, in kdegraphics, unmaintained as well, only app, no KPart
- gwenview, in extragear, both app and KPart
- showimg, in extragear, both app and KPart
- pixieplus, in nonbeta, seems to be dead again, only app

 There are also digikam and kimdaba in extragear, but they probably don't 
qualify, since they're image databases rather than viewers (at least I have 
no idea how to browse e.g. /opt/kde3/share/icons with them).

 So I guess it would make sense to dump the kdegraphics ones and move one of 
the extragear apps there (some people don't even consider extragear apps to 
be "real" KDE, e.g. #93611 got reopened only because the person didn't feel 
like installing something more than just KDE).

 The question will be, of course, which one to choose. I pointed out this 
discussion to the Gwenview maintainer and he said he would love to see 
Gwenview becoming the default KDE viewer, but I guess the other candidates 
would say the same. What should be the criteria for choosing? Even if we 
don't choose now, it would be at least good to have such a list, so that the 
app developers can improve the parts where they currently lack.

> On Wednesday 01 June 2005 16:11, Renchi Raju wrote:
> > just curious, is kuickshow still being maintained? Additionally it has
> > some usability issues, for eg, actions being available only from
> > context menu/keyboard-shortcuts and some additional problems like
> > swapping out the system at large zooms.
> >
> > imho, it might be worthwhile to ask the author of one of extragear apps,
> > gwenview or showimg, to consider moving into kdegraphics (only relevant
> > if kuickshow has no current maintainer).

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