QUrl vs KURL - here's some benchmark results for you

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Thu Jun 2 23:27:00 BST 2005

David Faure wrote:
>I never had any doubts about that. My concern is more for correctness -
> not in terms of the RFC, but in terms of the web. KURL has special code
> for preserving encoding used by websites (Waldo? Can you give more
> details on this?). It also handles absolute-or-relative URLs (the two
> arguments constructor), but that's possibly something we can add on top
> (making KURL derive from QUrl). QUrl might also refuse to parse some
> urls that KURL parses (or vice versa), which would also lead to
> problems on websites [KDE code is easy to fix, websites we can't fix
> ;)].
>Any other kind of missing API we can add there; but the encoding thing
> or parsing differences could be a problem.

The encoding part is somewhat a problem and has to be revised. KURL/QUrl 
shouldn't have to know about any encoding except UTF-8. That is because a 
URL must be, as the name says, Universal. It should not depend on the 
user's locale, or the encoding of its source.

It is actually Konqueror's/khtml's job to properly decode a page into 
Unicode, so that the URL can be created.

In other words, the webpage may encode an "é" in the URL with 0xE9 (Latin 
1) or é, but it be equivalent to an URL with %C3%A9.

Of course, this doesn't come without problems: local files. A local .html 
page could make a reference to <a href="Résumé.pdf">. IRI would mandate 
that the file referenced be BASE/R%C3%A9sum%C3%A9.pdf, but if the user 
doesn't use UTF-8 for his local filename encodings, this won't work.

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