removing more stuff for KDE 4 :-)

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Thu Jun 2 21:27:28 BST 2005

On Thursday 02 June 2005 21:59, Andras Mantia wrote:
> > Ok, so feel free to move kio_nfs away from kdebase (what's a good
> > place for not-really-maintained apps, kdenonbeta ?) , but lanbrowsing
> > should stay for 3.5. It works and doesn't have any serious bugs and
> > it has users (at least I get enough response).
> Yes, kio_lan should stay IMO.
I had some discussions as to whether zeroconf could be made to detect machines 
and names on the network. If that could be made to work, kio_lan could move 
to extragear.


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