KView for KDE4?

Thomas Schwarzgruber possebaer at gmx.at
Thu Jun 2 13:23:57 BST 2005

Am Thursday 02 June 2005 05:28 schrieb David Johnson:
> One feature that kuickshow does not have is "resize image to fit
> window". This is very useful when running a slideshow or browsing
> images in a directory. It would be sad to dump this feature without
> first putting it in kview's replacement.

Enable the Option "Apply default image modifications" in Settings->Configure 
Kuickshow-> Tab Modifications and set option to "Shrink image to screen size, 
if larger" and set "Scale image size to screen size,if smaller, up to factor 
" and set a factor suitable for you.

That will do pretty the same .. especially when running slide shows in 
fullscreen mode.
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