removing more stuff for KDE 4 :-)

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Jun 2 00:18:47 BST 2005


removing stuff seems to be a hot topic, so I'd like to join in :-)

kio_nfs, the nfs ioslave: I wrote it some time ago (it's actually already 5 
(!) years ago, damn, I'm getting old). At this time it was working for me, I 
could play around with it. Since then I got I think two or three reports from 
users, so basically nobody (including myself) is using it it seems. And we 
have something better with the fish ioslave since some time.
Additionally I can't really maintain it, since I don't have a need for it 
myself anymore. At least it should be moved from kdebase to kdeaddons or 

(Maybe also lisa and kio_lan: I don't need them myself anymore, so I can't 
really debug them or develop them further. Configuration is still a bit 
problematic for users, although it should work right out of the box with the 
suggested settings. AFAICT we have something better now with rendezvous (or 
how it is called now and here). But actually I still like kio_lan :-)

What do you think ?

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