Announcing KDE 3.5 release plan

R. p0z3r at
Fri Jul 29 14:54:39 BST 2005

I would like to get SuperKaramba moved out of kdereview and into some suitable module.
Also, I would like to get Smooth Blend out of /trunk/playground/artwork/ and into /branches/KDE/3.5/kdeartwork/kwin-styles/
if possible.

The discussion of where to put SuperKaramba is still being discussed.  As for Smooth Blend, I have one or two things to fix and it'll be frozen.


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Much of it is still open, but the current release schedule is the current
consens of the KDE core developers and I put it online under:

Please note that next Monday (yes, in 3 days) the feature list closes, so
if you still have pending ideas you better commit them soon.
As KDE4 will take some more time and KDE 3.5 is definitely the latest
feature release of the KDE3 series, everyone in the team will have to be 
a bit more flexible, but still we should try to follow the rules that assured
the high quality of past releases.

A specialty in the KDE 3.5 release schedule is that the feature freeze is
_before_ this year's akademy and the message freeze is _after_ it to avoid
forseeable frustration from translators as I'm just too sure developers won't
be able to stick to a message freeze during akademy (my hopes for a kept
feature freeze are a bit higher though - as I will be around :)

Greetings, Stephan

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