RFC: Changes in kdeui

Daniel Molkentin molkentin at kde.org
Thu Jul 28 22:01:35 BST 2005


Now that KDE4 has been moved to HEAD, I want to conduct the following changes
to the KDEUI library:

1. Remove all KDE_NO_COMPAT macros: replace compat header redirects with 
#error messages
2. remove all methods in KDE_NO_COMPAT (there are some exceptions that need to 
be handled carefully)

Those things should be done in short term:

kpassdlg.h : Remove KPasswordEdit. I don't really see the point anymore. Too 
much configuration overhead, if you really want the amount of echos 
configurable, maybe we could do it in the style.

ktabbar.h/ktabctl.h/ktabwidget.h: Check if really still needed
keditcl.h: I think we can just remove that stuff
kprogress.h: Check if still needed
kseparator.h: Do we really need this?
qxembed.h: QX11EmbedContainer and QX11EmbedWidget replace this one just fine.
I volunteer to port KControl, and I don't think it's being used anywhere else.

This is of course not close to all, I just want to hear opionion before moving 
along and offending people.


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