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Uwe Thiem uwix at iway.na
Thu Jul 28 13:30:00 BST 2005

Hi folks,

please find a locale file for Namibia attached. For all I know, it is correct.

Problem with Namibia is that it doesn't have a Department of Weights and 
Measurements or anything similar. So a lot of things aren't well-defined. For 
example The Namibian, the English daily newspaper, uses "," as a decimal 
symbol (like in South Africa) which is actually wrong in Namibia. I talked to 
a lot of bankers, scientists, high-ranking civil servants, teachers and 
journalists, and the attached file was the result.

English should actually be en_ZA which differs from en_GB ("to organize" is 
wrong here). Unfortunately, en_ZA never got released. :-( So en_GB is the 
closest we can get.


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