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Kuba Ober kuba at mareimbrium.org
Wed Jul 27 13:40:21 BST 2005

> > In main.cpp use (c) rather then the non-ascii copyright symbol.
> Why?

I guess that comments have to be both in ASCII and English. I guess that 
English is obvious enough :) Now, you never know if some compilers won't 
bluntly reject some non-ASCII range characters. And the widespread 
non-adoption of APL might be an indicator that the least common denominator 
should be applied to the source code. That doesn't mean that everyone should 
use trigraphs, but still non-ASCII stuff in comments is bad. 

It's very easy to mess them up. Say if you work on a couple different 
projects, and the authors didn't agree (as they typically don't) on using one 
common encoding. Most good source editors can be set to use one default 
encoding, and that encoding can be changed per-window, but it's a royal pain 
to always manually set ~/project1/blah.c to utf-8 while ~/project2/foo.c is 
iso8859-1. Etc.

Cheers, Kuba

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