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Wed Jul 27 01:09:20 BST 2005

Nicolas Goutte wrote:
>> Any text/* can be opened in a text editor, by definition.
>That hardly enough. Non-ASCII text files are now defined as application,
> for example application/xhtml+xml, because text/* is supposed to be
> some ASCII-compatible.

That doesn't make what I said wrong, but I do see your point: we need a 
way of telling whether non text/* files are text files as well.

By the way, UTF-16 isn't ASCII compatible and is allowed on text/*, for 
all I know.

>> If the user can make heads or tails of it is another story.
>Yes and this is the problem. text/* does not mean text/plain.

Non-issue. It can be opened in a text editor without loss of information 
and that's the point here. Opening a binary file cannot be expected not 
to lose anything -- the text editor may decide to drop misplaced CR or 
LFs, or ignore NUL bytes, etc.

Defining that text/rtf to be opened in KWord doesn't mean that it KWrite 
isn't allowed to open it, if KWord isn't present.

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