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Tue Jul 26 02:36:13 BST 2005

On Monday 25 July 2005 5:07 am, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> On Monday 25 July 2005 5:29 am, Carsten Niehaus wrote:
> > On Monday, 25. July 2005 12:38 am, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > > We would like kde-edu as from our POV it helps improving kids/people's
> > > memory.
> >
> > Wow, that makes fun :-) I would say: move it to kdeedu. It is of course
> > somehow a game. But IMHO kdegames is not for such games, it is more about
> > things like cardsgames and Kenolaba. KSimon if for young children.
> >
> > Carsten
> Well don't move it yet, give it a week or two for issues to surface.  Such
> as when you configure --without-arts (because I don't install arts) it wont
> compile.
> -Benjamin Meyer

Pino commited a fix so I was able to check it out.  It looks nice.  Going with 
the whole simplification process when you click in the middle it probably 
shouldn't bring up the about and highscore as they are already on the top 
left and bottom right.

Some very minor nitpicks found by the test scripts 

In main.cpp use (c) rather then the non-ascii copyright symbol.

QColor's in counter.h should probably be passed const reference.
void paint(QPainter &p, bool drawScore, int score, bool drawTimer, QColor c1, 
QColor c2, QColor c3);

-Benjamin Meyer

aka icefox
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