Multi-Precision Number-Class (Help needed).

Klaus Niederkrueger kniederk at
Tue Jul 19 14:21:08 BST 2005

Today I have comitted the first parts of a library into the kde-svn

It is basically a wrapper class around the GNU multi-precision library
(GMP), and you can find it in kdeutils/kcalc/.

I have problems with the Makefiles, but you can compile it by typing

cd tests
unsermake knumbertest

and then run


to see, what the class does so far.

The library is so far hacked together very quickly to get first results,
and it needs a lot of work before it is finished.

At first I would like to use this wrapper class only for kcalc, but if it
becomes more mature, I think it should be moved into kdecore: there are
many programs which can make use of such a class, most prominently
kspread and kbruch, but in principle I believe all user input should be
handled by this new class (why are monetary units doubles in KDE?).

There are several things that have to be fixed, e.g.

* the Makefiles

* not being a C++ expert, the implementation doesn't look very sound

* there are many methods, which are just stubs for now...

* I would like to have suggestions on the API



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