3.4.1 kde-i18n's autogen.sh doesn't work

Leo Savernik l.savernik at aon.at
Sun Jul 17 21:04:32 BST 2005


According to the readme, it is sufficient to checkout the language, the 
scripts-dir, and invoke scripts/autogen.sh from the common parent.

Well, if I do that, I get an invalid configure with the output:
leo at Untertan:/leo/projekte/Fremde/kde-3.4/src/kde-i18n > scripts/autogen.sh
*** Creating de/configure.in
*** Creating configure.files
aclocal: configure.in: : macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library
autoheader: error: AC_CONFIG_HEADERS not found in configure.in
configure.in:6: no proper implementation of AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE was found,
configure.in:6: probably because aclocal.m4 is missing...
configure.in:6: You should run aclocal to create this file, then
configure.in:6: run automake again.
configure.in:7: required file `./config.h.in' not found
configure.in:6: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
configure.in:7: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_CONFIG_HEADER
configure.in:9: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_KDE_WITH_NLS
configure.in:10: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_CREATE_KFSSTND
configure.in:12: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_SUBST_KFSSTND

So what's wrong here? scripts/ contains an admin-dir, but de/ doesn't. I even 
tried scripts/ from the trunk, but with the same results.

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