[PATCH] Konqueror about

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Jul 7 04:20:57 BST 2005

David Johnson wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 July 2005 01:04 pm, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>So I don't see anything simple about explaining that it is different
>>in UNIX and that the user should store their personal data files in
>>the same folder as a lot of configuration stuff.
> Mac OSX has a home directory, and I don't see any Mac users finding it 
> difficult, so why would KDE users?

Do OS/X users actually store their personal files *in* the HOME directory?

> Having separate "Documents", "Music", "Pictures", etc, directories makes 
> sense, but trying to spare the user from the psychic pain of a "Home" 
> directory is nonsense. 

We seem to have gotten off on two tracks.  There is the question of how 
I have my system set up and what the patch does.

If you think that it is better to have the directories "Documents", 
"Music", "Pictures", etc. subdirectories of HOME rather than to have 
them subdirectories of the directory "Files" which is a subdirectory of 
the HOME directory, you may offer your arguments in support of this. 
But, that has nothing to do with the patch.

This isn't about "psychic pain", it is about convenience.  It is simply 
more convenient to look for "Your personal files" in a directory that 
doesn't contain a bunch of other stuff.  Likewise, if you have "Your 
personal files" divided up in to subdirectories, it is more convenient 
to look for those directories in a directory that doesn't contain a 
bunch of other stuff.  If you can offer reasons why it is better in 
either case to have the personal files or the directories in a directory 
that also contains a lot of unrelated stuff, please state them.

Note, that other OS users manage to do it is not a reason that it is 
_better_ to do it that way.  If fact, it is not a reason.
>>Remember, we are talking about trying to improve usability for new
> And what about usability for intermediate, experienced and advanced 
> users?

Aren't these users able to configure their system.  I suppose that I am 
an advanced user and I didn't find it convenient to click on the link 
which is described as: "Your personal files" and not have it take me to 
the folder with my "personal files".  Nothing about being an 
intermediate, experienced, or advanced user that makes you want to have 
a link take you to the wrong directory, is there?  Yes, more advanced 
users can put up with such problems better than newbies, but I don't see 
them wanting things to not work correctly.


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