Default Fonts in KDE

Heinrich Wendel h_wendel at
Wed Jul 6 21:18:59 BST 2005

I think many people noticed it, but nobody seems to care, not even on The default Fonts in KDE are not very well choosen. 

There are two problems:

1.) They point to values that are either not installed on many systems or not 
Antialiaseable. This is why many people think their Fonts are broken, but 
they are not. Just the Defaults are broken. A very easy fix for this to 
change the default values to "sans", "serif" and "monotype", so fontconfig 
can take care of it. This has been fixed in svn.

2.) The size of the fonts is to big. Currently the default value is 12points. 
But no matter what PC I use, always taking the default dpi value of X, the 
fonts are to big. It seems that the fonts rendered with fontconfig are 
generally bigger than the fonts rendered without fontconfig. Helvetica 12pt 
seems equally large to Bitstream Vera Sans 10pt. I propose to reduce the 
default size to 10points.

mfg, heinrich :-)

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