i18n bug?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue Jul 5 21:37:57 BST 2005

Well while trying to make kgeography i18n work i've spotted a strange thing 
when using i18n, i attach the files i've used to test.

What i've done is create a simple program that outputs using i18n() the 
translation of strings A and áà. If i use test.po it works, but if i use 
test2.po only the translation of A is outputed and not the one of áà.

Can anyone reproduce? Or is it a strange thing that only happens to me?

For those not used to work with translations, after you have compiled the 
binary, you need to do

msgfmt test.po
cp messages.mo $KDEDIR/share/locale/YOURLANG/LC_MESSAGES/test.mo

test.mo is important because is the file that the binary tryes to find, for 
the second file do

msgfmt test2.po
cp messages.mo $KDEDIR/share/locale/YOURLANG/LC_MESSAGES/test.mo

The output i get is
$ ./test
DCOP: register 'test-30252' -> number of clients is now 2
test: BFHG
DCOP: unregister 'test-30252'

when using test.po and

$ ./test
DCOP: register 'test-30273' -> number of clients is now 2
test: BFHG
test: áà
DCOP: unregister 'test-30273'

when using test2.po 

Any suggestion?

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