[RFC] One ioslave to rule them all...

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Jul 5 10:28:06 BST 2005

Michael Pyne wrote:
> On Sunday 03 July 2005 13:02, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>What is wrong with:
>>	system:/ -> media:/ -> home:/
> Maybe because home:/ isn't a single physical slab of media for the majority of 
> our users. ;)

Why should users be concerned with the actual physical configuration of 
the hard drive(s).  This is about the logical file system; it shouldn't 
have anything to do with the physical file system.

As I said elsewhere, users have no use for a list of the partitions on 
their hard drive(s).  In "media:/" they need only two locations for the 
hard drive: "home:/" and "/".


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